If you're absent during the times of my struggle, don't expect to be present during the times of my success.



All I do is work
All I do is get this money and all I do is work…

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Gabe Bondoc

If We’d Never Met

Haven’t been in school for awhile.
I’ve almost hit rock bottom and nothing seems to interest me in life.

What the fuck am I doing with my life.

I have work tomorrow.. why am i still awake..

lehabitue asked
hey, you're not the one who went to Creekview, right

i went to hebronnn!
why ask?

haruhis-gender asked
hey man, saw u had some trouble, is everything okey? u wanna talk?

who are you lol


I lived off of 3 ramen, candy, and water.
I don’t know where my family went for Christmas Eve and I’m still alone.
I feel sick and feel like throwing up.
Merry Christmas.